YouGov is an international, full-service market research agency and is the pioneer of market research through online methods.

Their suite of syndicated, proprietary data products includes: BrandIndex, the daily brand perception tracker; and Profiles, our new tool for media planning, market segmentation and forecasting.

The market-leading YouGov Omnibus provides a fast and cost- effective service for obtaining answers to research questions from both national and selected samples. Their custom research business conducts a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research, tailored to their specialist teams to meet their clients’ specific requirements.

YouGov has a panel of 4 million people worldwide, including over 1.8 million people in the US representing all ages and other demographic types.

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WebPagetest is an open source project that’s designed to help make the web faster.

Powered By Google, the MDEX uses trusted tools and technologies:

  • Google organic search ranking
  • Google Page Speed and Usability Insights score
  • Google App and Site Audit Principles