Cadreon and Rubicon Project Partner to Power the Programmatic Upfront

March 15, 2016 | Share this article

Rubicon Project, which operates one of the largest advertising marketplaces in the world, and Cadreon, IPG Mediabrands’ ad tech unit, have announced a global partnership to support Programmatic Direct buying.

As the preferred method of transaction shifts to programmatic buying during this year’s Programmatic Upfront, Cadreon will employ Rubicon Project’s Guaranteed Orders platform, the industry’s leading full-stack direct order automation solution, to power the reservation of direct inventory across desktop, mobile, and video advertising.

The new joint platform will help Cadreon manage the centralization of these commitments by providing greater speed, efficiency, and scale to its buyers’ workflow.

Beyond the Programmatic Upfront, Cadreon intends to utilize insights gathered across its network of always-on deals, powered by Rubicon Project’s private marketplace (PMP) solution, to help inform when and where to place Guaranteed Orders.

This data-informed approach to buying strengthens IPG Mediabrands’ commitment to automating its media buying processes through more strategic partnerships with publishers. Moving spend off the open exchange and into PMP and Guaranteed Orders provides increased value, efficiency and transparency for buyers looking to reach consumers across every major form of digital ad unit, device and platform globally.

“IPG Mediabrands has long been committed to providing full transparency to both clients and key media partners in a programmatic environment, and so it is only logical that we use the knowledge and information gained in the PMP market to help inform our clients’ guaranteed orders,” said Jon Mansell, VP of marketplace innovation at Magna Global, IPG Mediabrands’ centralized team dedicated to developing innovative media solutions.

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